About the Center

It is a gathering place, a place that holds and supports all of us; therapists and clients.  It’s gathering place for learning, exploring, and daring; for all of us.  It is a home base.  It’s a place to return to, over and over again.

This center is envisioned as the shell that holds and protects the germ cell – that part of any organism that has the potential for growth – and is ready to grow, given a nurturing environment.  Whether plant or animal, visible or invisible, single cell or multi-cell, growth awaits!

The center is here to support and nurture growth; intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.  One of the basic courses in graduate school is Human Development Over the LIfespan.   The title acknowledges what we know to be true; all of us continue to develop and grow through out our lives – and if we don’t, we can become sorely dissatisfied.

The phenomenon of growth and change is supported by all the activities at the center.  That’s why we are here – to learn together and grow together.  Whether an intern or client, you are welcomed to engage with us for growth and development!

2407 Marlton Drive
Austin, TX 78703
connect@inaustincounseling.com 512-695-3600

Choosing the “right therapist” means finding the “best fit for you”. While certifications are important, finding the “best fit for you” is more important, even crucial. Let’s meet in person and explore how we can work together to help you achieve your desired results.