Are you a parent of a baby, a very young or older child?

Do you have the thought: “I want to get this parenting thing right!”

You want to be *that* parent! The perfect one who has it all together and has a handle on all aspects of their lives! “But when self-care just feels like another thing on an endless to-do list and everything feels chaotic, it’s hard to find space and time to parent mindfully, let alone look after your own needs.  Your own childhood maybe offered a blueprint in parenting you’d rather not repeat, and yet you’re trying to figure this all out as you go.”


So.  Perfect parenting. Impossible goal? Yes. But what if you *can* have a most meaningful, satisfying experience while parenting?

If you second guess yourself when it comes to everything from choices in pregnancy to early parenting, older kid parenting, and beyond, you are not alone. Well-meaning family members, friends, health care providers, and educators might be contributing to the confusion, not to mention social media influences. Psychotherapy can help you sift and sort through all of this information so that you find your very own way. In a way that feels aligned with who you want to be.

Experiences, thoughts, and beliefs from our past inform how we live and how parent – consciously or unconsciously. If some of these were difficult or traumatic (including a difficult birth), they can inhibit you from living your best life. Postpartum depression and anxiety are possible unwelcome outcomes. Dysregulation of the nervous system of the individual family members can as well.  Behavior and attention problems in children can be greatly affected. We are all doing the best we can, but sometimes just *know* that there is a better way.

When I work with clients, it might range from the processing of your birth story, to understanding how your upbringing shapes your parenting and attachment style, to developing a strategic plan to support you and your mental health during the marathon that is parenting.

I specialize in working with people in the reproductive and parenting years. I have expertise in perinatal mental health, which I believe stretches far beyond the childbearing and early childhood years. I use EMDR, attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology and somatic awareness as some of my main therapy modalities. Most importantly, I value developing a relationship with my clients in a way that they feel seen, heard and witnessed.

When you become more familiar with how your nervous system works, transformation happens! Healing can take place, bring richness, depth, and meaning to your life. The quality of your relationships will improve, your stress level will go down, and you gain clarity!  Ready to start? Call (512) 751-3030 or email to schedule a free 30 minute in person consultation.

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