Environmental and Immunological Issues

Have you experienced a slow, or a sudden, decline in your health without knowing why? Have you been to many doctors and none have been able to help you? Have you been told it’s all in your head?

Some people are more sensitive to environmental influence than are others. The dust, allergens, and mold in the environment have effects on all of us; some effects are severe and can be hard to detect.

I am not a medical doctor.  However, I have worked therapeutically with people who have been on the long journey to understand what has affected their health. These issues can be highly distressing due to the difficulty of having an accurate diagnosis and therefore appropriate treatment.

Even when an accurate diagnosis has been obtained, the recovery process for environmental toxic exposure can be long and difficult. Emotional support is a key feature to being resilient, maintaining hopefulness, and holding onto one’s sense of self during the recovery process.

I understand the emotional impact of having an invisible, indefinable, or mysterious illness. You are not crazy, you need the correct help of physicians who are knowledgeable about environmental toxins, their debilitating affects, and how to best treat each individual. The physical effects are one part of the problem; the psychological effects can be equally difficult to manage. Feeling as if your life, or your identity, has been taken away from you can be devastating. I can help you keep, or regain, your sanity as you move through the healing process.

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