Irene Perez

Welcome! I am so glad you are here taking a step towards healing, change, and self care. I enjoy working with individual adults or couples of all ages to improve their functioning and relationships. I work with Bowen family systems theory, which means I look at the client not as an isolated person with an issue/symptom, but as a person or self within their relationship systems and help the client explore how they have learned to adapt to their life’s circumstances in that environment. These explorations guide the client into discovering healthier and more authentic ways of being, which empower them to live a more meaningful, fulfilling, and enjoyable life and relationships grounded in shared responsibility.

I began my career practicing and teaching body work and fine arts/painting. Helping clients heal in body and spirit led me to want to help clients through mental health counseling. As a bicultural student, daughter, spouse, mother, and business owner, I have a lot of life experience to ground me and am able to offer non-judgmental, compassionate support to my clients. I have experience working with clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, chronic stress, relationship problems, caregiving for parents or spouse, parenting, grief and loss, career changes, and trauma. I specialize in Bowen Family Systems work, I am EMDR trained, and offer counseling in English and Spanish.
When I am not helping clients, I spend my time painting, exercising, cooking, reading, watching movies with my family, and continue to study and learn. My other interests include traveling, learning about other cultures, traditions, languages, and religions.

2407 Marlton Drive
Austin, TX 78703 512-695-3600

Choosing the “right therapist” means finding the “best fit for you”. While certifications are important, finding the “best fit for you” is more important, even crucial. Let’s meet in person and explore how we can work together to help you achieve your desired results.