Irene Perez

I have faith in our ability to change, heal, and make decisions that lead to balance and wellbeing.  During difficult times, we have the opportunity to discover our inner strength, courage, and resiliency. I am passionate about working with you as you navigate life.  I am experienced in working with grief and loss, marriage conflict, divorce/break ups, trauma, anxiety and depression. I am committed to compassionately helping clients in their journey towards healing, transformation, and self-discovery. Through Bowen family systems theory, clients explore the dynamics of their past and present relationships.  The explorations shed light onto healthier and more authentic ways of being, which empower more meaningful, fulfilling, and enjoyable relationships grounded in shared responsibility. I am prepared to walk alongside you to support your growth and authenticity through the counseling process.

My interest in mental health counseling was sparked by the experience of client’s memories recalled during massage therapy sessions, and iconography student’s inner struggles revealed through their painting, brush strokes, and even mistakes. Additionally, I have experienced being a caregiver to family members who suffered from dementia and have experienced the loss of several loved ones.

I am a native of Venezuela.  Spanish is my native language but learned English in Elementary School while in Venezuela. When in my teens, I came to Austin with my parents, where I finished High School.  My family returned to Venezuela. Some years later I came back to study Fine Arts at The University of Texas at Austin and have lived here ever since.   I offer counseling sessions in Spanish for those who prefer to speak Spanish.

My own life journey has been interesting and circuitous. I practiced massage therapy for eleven years. I’ve been an artist for 30 years, working in painting, sculpture, Byzantine iconography, silver repoussage, manuscript illuminations, and have taught iconography as a spiritual practice in the USA and abroad for the last 22 years.  I love to travel and learn about other cultures.  Exercise is a big part of my life, as is cooking, baking, and gardening.  I love studying and learning new things, from foods and traditions of other cultures to religions of the world.

2407 Marlton Drive
Austin, TX 78703 512-695-3600

Choosing the “right therapist” means finding the “best fit for you”. While certifications are important, finding the “best fit for you” is more important, even crucial. Let’s meet in person and explore how we can work together to help you achieve your desired results.